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Mortgage Advisor - Indepndent Advice

Mortgage Advisor - 9 Reasons To Get Independent Advice

Mortgage advisors are there to make sure you get the mortgage possible. Of all the different types of advisor, GIGLY believes an independent mortgage advisor is the best for you. Let us explain why.
Application Process Blog

What Is Our Mortgage Application Process?

Make getting a mortgage easy with GIGLY. If you're unsure how to secure your mortgage, read this guide to the GIGLY mortgage application process in 10 steps.
Documents For Self-Employed Mortgages

The Documents Needed For A Self-Employed Mortgage

Discover which financial documents are required for a self-employed mortgage. GIGLY - specialists in the gig economy - help the self-employed find a mortgage.
Improve Your Credit Score Blog

How can I improve my credit score?

Getting your credit score looking ship shape is always handy when applying for a mortgage. Here are GIGLY's three steps to improving your credit score.
Documents For A Mortgage

What Documents Do I Need For A Mortgage?

Getting a mortgage can be daunting, not least because of the documents you need to dig out. Don't worry, here's GIGLY's handy list of what you need to provide.
How long for a mortgage?

How Long Does A Mortgage Take?

Getting a mortgage can seem to take an eternity, especially when you've got better things to do. So here are our tips on how to speed things up. You're welcome!
Mortgages for Contractors Blog

Mortgages For Contractors

Contractors have enough on their mind without having to worry about a difficult mortgage process. Let GIGLY help you with our top five contractor mortgage tips.
Non UK Citizen Blog

Mortgages For Non-UK Citizens

Are you a non UK citizen looking for a mortgage? GIGLY has a useful guide to the steps you need to take to secure a mortgage for your home.
Zero Hours Contract Mortgages Blog

Mortgages For Zero Hours Contractors

Zero Hours Contracts are a growing form of employment. Often seen as unstable, you might think getting a mortgage while on one is hard. Let's discuss the issue.